The Ny-Ålesund Seminar is supported by the Norwegian Research Council

10th Ny-Ålesund Seminar

The 10th Ny-Ålesund Seminar will take place on 25 - 26 October 2011 at Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise - Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm - in Kjeller, Norway. The meeting will be organised by
NILU, the Norwegian Institute of Air Research, in advance of the NySMAC meeting on 27 October 2011 

Meeting description

The seminar will brings together scientists who have Ny-Ålesund (78°55’N,11°56’ E) as a base for their research. The aim of the two day meeting is to exchange experience and share advancements from research and monitoring activities in the Arctic. The meeting wants to encourage collaborations between researchers related to the following flagship programs:          

Kongsfjord System Flagship          
        Atmospheric Research Flagship
        Terrestrial System Flagship
        Glaciology Flagship 

Following the Ny Ålesund Seminar on the 27th of October we will hold the CICCI (Coordinated Investigation of Climate-Cryosphere Interactions) Data and Planning Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together participants from the 2011 campaigns to share results and discuss potential collaborations. Further, we will discuss forward plans for 2012, and thus invite others who have already planned activities in 2012 that may contribute to the CICCI program. For more information regarding the program objectives, please see: CICCI .

Seminar Programme (23.10.2011)