The Ny-Ålesund Seminar is supported by the Norwegian Research Council

Contact details

        Scientific programme committee

        Dr. Geir Wing Gabrielsen - Norwegian Polar Institute, Kongsfjorden System flagship leader (FL)
        Dr. Roland Neuber - Alfred-Wegener Institute, Germany, Atmospheric Research FL
        Dr. Maarten Loonen - Arctic Centre, Univ. of Groningen, The Netherlands, Terrestrial System FL
        Dr. Jack Kohler - Norwegian Polar Institute, 
Glaciology Flagship 
        Dr. Christiane H
übner - Svalbard Science Forum


        Local organising committee  
        Dr. Kerstin Stebel - Norwegian Institute of Air Research        
Ove Hermansen - Norwegian Institute of Air Research 
        John Burkhart - Norwegian Institute of Air Research                                 
        Mike Kopernus (web) - Norwegian Institute of Air Research                     
        Edel Braathen (secretary) - Norwegian Institute of Air Research                    
        Paul Berg (deputy director) - Norwegian Institute of Air Research             



        NILU, Norwegian Institute for Air Research

        P.O. Box 100
        NO-2027 Kjeller
        Tel: +47 63 89 80 00
        Fax: +47 63 89 80 50